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Wintertime at Canos de Meca.

The same procedure as every year...
Tarifa was always a good place for a shortcut out of german wintertime. Generally being there with lots of nice company.


Morningsessions are sooooo nice.

Another habit of shortening the german winter a bit, going to the canary islands and taking a break from german cold weather. So nice memories, getting the early waves with my brother before the girls wake up for breakfast.


Feels like a second home.

While studying in Asturias for one year, we had the best chances to get to know this beautiful place on earth really close. Since then we spent lots of time in Galicia, enjoing the beauty, peace and awsome waves.


Reminds me of Galicia.

Beginning my surf-career here while still in school, it took a long time to get back here. Still it is to me the nicest place to be in France.


Just good memories.

Staying here for on year to study I still found lots of time to make great friends and to explore every little bit of the asturian coastline.


Sunset is magic.

Not just on the canary islands, sunsets are so special. The best way to enjoy them is to ether have a sunset-soulsession on the water, or to sit in front of the van, and enjoy a cold beer watching the sky turn red while the swell rolls in.


New challenges to come.

Surely the first big trip with our daugther was to show her Galicia. Soooo special!

El Palmar

8bft, 6m Waves in the Tarifa-area. The spanish would say loco.

8bft offshore wind, rising swell up to 6m high and us 4 crazy guys. Good old times.


This is better than any 5-Star hotel.

Thats the best place to be, enjoying an awesome view over the nice coast and beaches out of the home on 4 wheels. Night and day, day and night. Just perfect.


Ripping in Guincho.

Guincho for Windsurf isn't the only highlight in Portugal. Even much more pretty is the area further south, coming down to Sagres. To these places there is nothing left but nice memories.


Beyond Europe.

Morocco is a very special mixture of interesting culture, Landscape and fore sure perfect conditions for surf and windsurf. And you can reach Morocco by ferry, so it is a great adventure going there by van. Awesome, lets see when I'll be back.